Where to eat… Lemongrass


Great news if there is group of vegetarians going here. There is a meat free set menu, consisting of:

TAO HU PHAD MED MA MUANG (Bean curd with cashew nut)
PHAD BENJARONG (Stir- fried mixed vegetable with lightly soy sauce)
PHAD MEE (Stir-fried egg noodle with bean sprouts, spring onion and soy sauce)

If you’re on your own, there are plenty of options. Six vegetarian starters, including tempura, vegetable satay and tofu tord.

They will also make vegetable versions of most of the soups, salads, curries, stir frys and noodle dishes.

I had the Tofy Turd to start (which is essentially deep fried tofu), and a Massaman curry. To sum it up, it wasn’t as good as Thaikhun. great selection of food, but the taste wasn’t there.

Eat Without The Meat rating: 6/10

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