Where to eat… De Nada Tapas


So to be fair, going for tapas, I was aware that there weren’t going to be many vegetarian options.

There were plenty of appetisers (olives, breads etc) but when it came down to the actual tapas menu there were the following options:

  • Patatas Brava o Alioli  (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce or alioli)
  • Padrón Peppers (small Galician green peppers)
  • Tortilla Española (Spanish potato and onion omelette)
  • Champinones Al Ajillo (pan-fried garlic mushrooms)
  • Escalivada (roasted Mediterranean vegetables)

Five may seem like a fair amount but the food wasn’t amazing. It was perfectly edible, and the wine was good, on the plus side, it is very reasonably priced which makes up for it.

Eat Without The Meat rating: 4/10

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