Where to eat… in the office

So I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the new Free From Macaroni Cheese from Sainsbury’s.

I was a bit skeptical as dairy free cheeses just don’t taste as good as regular cheese, but i had heard great things about it so i gave it a go.

As far as the cheese sauce goes, which is made from a coconut-based alternative, it wasn’t bad at all. The consistency is slightly runnier than a traditional sauce, but not too runny to cause a problem. The only issue i had with it was the pasta, which is gluten and wheat free. The texture was a bit rougher than normal pasta, and had a grainier feel. If you areĀ intolerant to gluten or wheat, then i’m sure this is an acceptable substitute, bit i missed the non free from pasta.

All in all, not a bad substitute, but hopefully this will encourage more brands to bring out dairy free alternatives for us to try.

Eat Without The Meat rating: 7/10


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