My thoughts on National Vegetarian Week

Not strictly a review, but as a pretty big week in the Vegetarian calendar, I felt it was something worth talking about.

Now I love a national day of anything, especially food. Think National Doughnut Day, National Cupcake Day, National Burger Day – basically any excuse to get some treats in.

Is it just me, or has Twitter been full of #NationalVegetarianWeek posts this week? For me, this was great as i got to see a whole bunch of new recipes, plus a few restaurants put on special offers to promote their Vegetarian options. It is probably more noticeable for me as the people i follow are likely to be taking about it.

The Hairy Bikers brought out their Vegetarian cookbook on Thursday- this is great as they aren’t known as Vegetarian cooks, so it shows that Vegetarianism is becoming more and more accepted, or should i say, normalised as something that everyone should be doing, or at least doing more of.

I even saw Mr Trotters Pork Scratchings tweet about its Vegetarian options. OK, so it was only some crisps, but the effort had been made to make them approved by the Vegetarian Society.

What could be done next year?

I would like to see some restaurants doing a vegetarian only menu for the week – but I cant see that happening yet. Perhaps some more celebrity endorsements are needed,

I’m keen to see if the momentum from this week carries on over the next few months… bring on the veggie food!

Vegetarian Week

(image not mine)


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