Where to eat… Beauty & The Beast Afternoon Tea at The Kensington


I love an afternoon tea, I love a themed afternoon tea. ‘Tale As Old As Time’ promised a lot. Based on Beauty and the Beast, this afternoon tea had a long waiting list, and so we had been looking forward to it for a few months.

First up was a sort of starter, with a cheese souffle, cheese and onion tart and a small salad,  which fitted in a little gem lettuce leaf.

They offered an individual plate of vegetarian sandwiches, nothing fancy, just your selection of finger sandwiches. Instead of scones, there was a sweet brioche buns, which came with apricot jam and chocolate dipping sauce.

The desserts where were the tea truly came to life, as you will see from the pictures, including a coconut macaroon, Belle Biscuit, there were some jellies (but these weren’t vegetarian) and a grey mousse, which was amazing. ‘Try the Grey Stuff’ indeed.

Eat Without The Meat rating: 7/10



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