Where to eat… Thai Bite, Godalming


Thai Bite is one of those restaurants that i often walk past and look into to see if bursting with customers, both eat in and take away.

As you will know, i love thai food, and have very high standards for the cuisine.

Even sitting at our table, i could hear other diners commenting on how excited they were and has been looking forward to all day. The service was slow, but it was busy so i can let them off a little bit, although one of the dishes we ordered (Pad Thai) was finished before any other dishes had arrived.

As with all thai food, there was quite a good selection, if you like tofu that is.

Here are the options:


  • Vegetable Tempura – Mixed vegetables deep fried in batter, served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Po-Pia – Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce


  • Green Thai Curry (Tofu)
  • Panang Thai Curry
  • Massaman Curry
  • Red Thai Curry
  • Tom Yum Hed Soup
  • Pad Thai (Tofu)

Plus a few side dishes (Mixed vegetables and Beansprouts)

In all honesty, i was disappointed. I had the Massaman Curry, which had a good taste, but it was lacking in texture and substance, it was just tofu and a few roughly chopped vegetables, no fresh vegetables and chopped peanuts as you might expect to see. The Pad Thai was better, but quite a small portion.

The ambience is good, family friendly and traditional decor (which i find, is an important part of the eating out experience).

Eat Without The Meat rating: 3/10

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