Where to eat… Tonkotsu

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Now, the traditional Tonkotsu ramen is made by cooking pork bones for up to 18 hours. Definitely NOT veggie friendly. However, do not fear, there are a couple of meat-free option here:

  • Curried Pumpkin & Spiced Corn Ramen – Pumpkin, squash and tonyu soy milk puree with a hint of Japanese curry spiced, enriched with konbu and stiitake stock with classic homemade noodles. Topped with spiced corn, roasted squash, padron peppers, pumpkin seeds and seasoned egg.
  • Shimeji & Shiitake Hiyashi Ramen Salad – Japanese mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, peashoots & seasoned egg. Served with ponzu dressing

The Hiyashi Ramen Salad is cold, and I wasn’t sure how i felt about that so i had the curried pumpkin and spiced corn ramen, which was very nice, and full of flavour. The portions were big, so big in fact that i didn’t finish it. I was disappointed that there was only one hot ramen dish, as it would have been nice to have another option,

Eat Without The Meat rating: 4.5/10

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