Where to eat… Nando’s


A chicken shop, right?

Whenever I tell people that Nando’s is one of my favourite places to eat, it always gets the same reaction.

However, i have always found that this restaurant has many more options for vegetarians than other similarly priced places, even more so since they updated their menu.

Here are your options:

Nando's vegetarian options

Of course, ignore the meat burgers in this picture.

I normally go for the beanie burger, which is delicious, and my favourite sides are creamy mash, spicy rice, supergrain and macho peas (not at the same time… two sides is optimum). This time, i tried one of the new offerings on the menu, the supergreen burger, and a side of chips and coleslaw. This was equally as nice as my usual choice, and had a fresh, minty taste to it.

So shockingly, yes, a restaurant dedicated to chicken is one of my favourite go to chain restaurants to eat at.

Eat Without The Meat rating: 8.5/10


2 responses to “Where to eat… Nando’s”

  1. This looks interesting, is it suitable for vegans?


    1. Hi! The burger is, as long as you ask for it without mayo, but the coleslaw isn’t.


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